Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Introduction Post

Just wanted to say a few words before starting the real blogging.

My name is Filipa and I'm from Lisboa, Portugal Born in 1995, I'm currently taking my degree in Computer Sciences and Business Management and not loving every second of it, but my real passion, History, doesn't pay the bills. Like most people, I like watching  movies and TV shows, and listening to music, but my one true love is reading. I dream of traveling alone through Europe by train for a month.

This blog is not my first one. Like most people, I started a blog and vowed to write in it everyday or, at least, every week. And, as you may guess, that didn't go so well, mainly because I wasn't really interested in what the blog was about - my life. So, after years of reading bookish blogs, I finally had the guts to create my own. The only question was: in English or in Portuguese? The answer was English, because I'm reading more in this language and I can reach more people this way.

In here, I will review books, some I read in Portuguese, others in English, but the actual review will always be written in English. I will also try to participate in some features from other blogs (like Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) and, if I have the inspiration, to create one of my own. There will be some discussion posts, I hope, about some bookish concerns that I (will) have.

To finish, English is not my first language and I will make mistakes. So, if you see any, please tell me in the comment section, so I can mend it. Thank you!

This is it! I hope this will be very fun journey :)